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Rhonda's 75 year old mother was having issues with balance and with her knees. She needed to use a cane, but did not want to, as it made her feel old and it was unattractive.

A friend decided to bead her cane for her as a craft project. She took a beaded belt and glued it to the shaft of the cane. Rhonda's mom began using the cane and was delighted when people stopped her and complimented her on her beautiful cane.

"Where did you get it?" was a common question.

Rhonda's mother now uses her cane every day, as she is a fashionable woman, and her accessories are important to her.

This gave birth to our product, Cane Expressions™—interchangeable cane covers that can coordinate with outfits, activities or hobbies. Our mission is to provide people with a level of dignity, which in turn will encourage cane use. And with that, safety and style. KEEP MOVING IN STYLE is our tagline.

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"You’re making a product that will truly help lots of people like me—we can’t get around very well, but many of us still make a real effort to look nice by purchasing suitable clothing and accessories.  A walking cane, by itself, doesn’t do much to enhance one’s appearance, but a decorative cover will change that plain cane into a very nice, up-to-date fashion statement!  I can’t wait for my friends to see it at the wedding!"
—Frances, South Carolina

Cane Expressions™ come in Beaded and Fabric styles, both solids and patterns. They fit aluminum and wooden canes.

We want people to change them to match their mood, outfit, or activity. It's fun, easy and encourages multiple sales. A great gift item.

We were inspired to build the product based on the throngs of people who kept asking where they could buy the product. However, we wanted to be sure there was a demand for this product in all regions of the country, so in order to understand regional differences, we set up focus groups in three major areas:

California, Indiana, and New York

Our independent research* indicated that 68% of women who used canes would be interested in purchasing a cane cover. When shown the beaded cane cover, respondents were asked what they would pay for this product in the marketplace. Respondents priced the product between $29-59. The beaded cane cover created an emotive response with many women feeling it was a “Work of Art” and they would gladly pay for art. The most surprising finding is that 78% of our respondents said they would shop for it online—mirroring the recent research showing that the fastest growing segment of internet users is women aged 60+.**

We are proud to be a division of KaPeR.

KaPeR is a team of professional woman who have developed products that help active boomers enjoy life to the fullest. 


*Focus Groups –Cane Accessories 2010 (Sample sizes=90 respondents)

**Forrester Senior Internet Study 2009